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Competitive Ship Brokers

With a large partner and client database, combined with the latest software and systems, we are always on hand as competitive brokers to bring together the best deal.

As competitive brokers, our team of professionals will act as intermediaries / negotiators between our clients (Charterers) and our database of direct vessel owners to arrange ocean transport of goods and commodities by sea, and to finalise the employment of a vessel with the best possible terms to meet the individual needs of both parties.

Our typical services include, marketing of tonnage (Ships) to customers / shippers / charterers, negotiating spot / time charterers, setting up and negotiating deals, negotiating the main terms of a contract and concluding and preparing the final governing charter party.

We then follow the shipment through from start to finish; liaising with ports, agents, Insurers and other parties to ensure a smooth and successful shipment is completed.

We then calculate all time used and prepare laytime statements to settle any demurrage or dispatch claims for our clients.